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CASH FLOW By cash flow, we simply mean the difference between the number of dollars that came in and the number that went out. For example, if you were the owner of a business, you might be very interested in how Read More …

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1. Definition of Treasury Securities: Treasury Securities consist of debt instruments issued by the U.S. government by the Bureau of Public Debt. Therefore, the market for these instruments is very liquid. Oftentimes, consider them to be basically risk free. This Read More …

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Meaning and Definition of Banker: The term ‘banker’ refers to a person or company carrying on the business of receiving moneys and collecting drafts, for customers subject to the obligation of honouring cheques drawn upon them from time to time Read More …

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Determinant of value: Business value depends on expected future net cash flows and risk associated with these cash flows. Cash inflow results from sales of goods and services. And cash outflow primarily comes from production of goods & services. The Read More …
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