Campus Executive recruitment for Chittagong Region

Campus Executive recruitment: is very proud to announce its Campus Executive recruitment.

Only University students are requested to apply.

Responsibilities of a Campus Executives:
**Policy making and execution for teachers & students engagement with website.
**Working as a content Developer.
**Promoting website to students and teacher in your campus.
**Organizing events on behalf of
**Participating in at least 5 skill development Workshops and training programs organized by
**Representing your campus to the audience.

**Building Networking and Communication skills,
**Connecting with teachers and students in your university
**Building leadership quality
**Access to education materials
**Opportunities to be part of big events
**Certified volunteering opportunities.
**Trainings various skills e.g. soft skills, computer skills and lots more professional skills.
**Opportunity to represent your campus.
Our Trainings may cover-
• Leadership Development
• Communication & Networking Development
• Basic advance computer skill for good job.
• Advance Language Acquiring
• Communicating your Vision,
• Transitioning Leadership
• Best Practices of Leadership–The Leadership Challenge
• Working together: Increase involvement and develop stronger connections
• Communication and Teambuilding: What a team means and how communication plays a part
• Creating Individual Accountability
• Practicing Personal Wellness
• Engaging in Productive Self-Reflection
• Maintaining Time-On-Task
• Balancing Your Commitments
• Goal-Setting
• Fighting Negativity (Individual and Group)
• Emotional Intelligence
• Delegation–Utilizing Others’ Strengths
• Choosing Your Battles–Negotiation
• The Leaders Tool-kit: Integrity, Empathy, Genuineness and Humility
• Effective Listening Strategies
• Basic Professionalism.
• Gain a deeper understanding of themselves
• Understand the importance of self-awareness
• Identify their personal values and how they contribute to leadership
• Establish goals for self-development.

It’s your time to be part of history. Join us to be a part of nation building.

Application Process:
Follow the link below and fill the form up and we shall call you up for an interview.