Student Politics at University Campuses; Context Bangladesh

Author: Masum Ahmad

Bangladeshi student politics has glorious history. It took place in every movement for the
nation before. But in this present time we see the changed scenario in this field of
politics. We see lots of talent students are not interested in student politics. We the talent
students to hate student‟s politics even.
In every university campus we see violence between two parties of student‟s political
party. Sometimes we see violence between two groups of some party.
We see some student leaders disturb general students and general students are face lots of
problems for this reasons. Political leaders have to man power and property to face any
difficulties but sometimes general students don‟t have that.
In this study I tried to know the reasons why general students those who are not engaged
in student politics don‟t come to politics and why those who are engage in polities come
to politics.
If I say shortly, most of the students are not interested in student politics because of
student politics lost its glory. It is a matter to lose the career even.
The students I got engaged in politics are because they can lead the campus and they have
extra power and property although they are not interested to answer the reasons of getting
property without involving in any job.

Keywords: Student Politics, Merit & Demerits of student Politics, Student Politics in Bangladesh, History of Student politics.

Published by: Department of Anthropology, University of Chittagong.

Date on: 25/08/2018

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