Topic Shakespearean Tragedy

Shakespeare is the world dramatist, so is his tragedy. Shakespearean tragedy is a story of someone’s calamity in his life. In his tragedy plays, the hero suffers a lot and finally he gets death. In Shakespearean tragedy the hero or both the hero and the heroin suffer and die. No hero in his tragedy plays remains alive in the end. It always end with the death of the hero. Shakespeare has left behind a lot of tragic drama. The most significant plays are Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Hemlet, Mecbeth, King Lear. There are also some famous Roman plays are Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Ceacer, Coriolanus – that reveal his dramatic genius in no less degree. His plots are often borrowed but his situations are his own. The Shakespearean tragedy is concerned always with the person of a high degree. His hero is a king or a prince or a leader of a state. He is not merely a high profiled person. He is a person of high ability also. But he suffers a lot in his life because of making errors and mistakes. Sometimes his fatal fall him in tragedy, or sometimes supernatural activities are responsible for his suffering. He often falls in tragedy for making mistakes or taking wrong decisions. In some plays the heroin is as much the main personality as the hero. In Macbeth and Othello both the hero and the heroin suffer and die. But in some plays heroines are not as much in the pivotal position of the action as the heroes.

Shakespeare has introduced some comic situation or character in his plays to provide relief from the high tragic tension of his tragic world.  The action of his tragedy deals with the troubled parts of heroes’ life and lead to his death.
Shakespeare has his own style in his tragic plays. No one can reach the level of his dramatic genius. He got immortal by his drama.

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