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In this dynamic world opportunities are roaming around and we Bangladeshis have the potentiality to grasp the good jobs & to generate an entrepreneur sector globally. But we’re lag behind of the available opportunities & tactics to attain them to make career progression. Considering this problem is presenting you Career Olympiad 2020.

The project is an Olympiad based on career bridging. It will offer exams to test the preparation for competitive exams of our students community who are enrolled or graduated of undergrad/equivalent programs.
The program targets to provide a good number of jobs and internship for the toppers including prize money of around 800 thousand BDT for top 100 examinees. Top 2000 participants will get chance to participate in the biggest career summit in Bangladesh.

The project will work in 3 phases

First phase:
Preliminary exam will be held in this phase. The exam will be decentralized with venue.

Exam format:
Online exam will be held in exam center.
Exam system MCQ
Total marks 200
2 hours exam

N.B. Exam will be conducted by a team of BCS cadre(Education) and university teachers.

Second phase:
Second phase exam will be held among 5,000 examinees. The exam will be decentralized with venue.

Exam format:
Online exam will be held in exam center.
Exam system MCQ
Total marks: 200
Exam Syllabus: Special syllabus on soft skills.
3 hours exam

Final Showdown (third phase):
Final showdown will be held in two days. First day will contain Career Summit and second day will be for interviews.

Every students who are enrolled in undergrad/equivalent program.
Everyone who graduated from any undergrad/equivalent program.
Applicant must be passed of HSC/equivalent exam from 2009 to 2019.

Registration Deadline: 17th April, 2020
First phase exam on 5th June, 2020 (Expected date)
Second phase exam on 31st July, 2020 (Expected date)
Final showdown on 4th September, 2020 (Expected date)

Registration Fee:
The registration fee is 500 BDT

Registration Process:
Online Registration

*Please pay 500 BDT to the Nagad merchant number given bellow. (merchant payment).
*Fill up the form with Nagad TnxID and other information.
*Please send us a text sms with Name and TxnID to 01521223096 or 01712854188
*After completing your registration you will get a confirmation mail and message within 24 hours.
*Remember the number from where you paid money for next verification.


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