Chattogram Corporate Fest 2019

Hosted By– CIU Business Students Society-BSS

Event Time– November 2 at 10 AM – November 9 at 9 PM

Venue– Chittagong Independent University




Chittagong Independent University Business School presents “Chatogram Corporate Fest 2019“, the Mega #corporate event which is going to be organized by Chittagong Independent University Business Students’ Society, the governing student representative body under CIU Business School this November.

The event will be open for all Public and Private University Students of Chittagong.

This event is going to be a #platform where all the University Students of Chittagong will get a chance to showcase their skills & talents and also meet with the different business #organizations/brands along with the leading people in the present corporate world. This will create a bridge between the students who will be future #leaders of our nation and today’s corporate world where both parties will be greatly benefitted. Brands from various sectors will get the stage to promote and educate the students about their brand and industry.

Special Attraction:

” League Of Leaders” – Where all Universities will complete against each other in a Business Competition to claim the glory of being Champions. More details about the competition will posted in the event page.

Chittagong Corporate Fest 2019 includes

• Business Idea Competition.
• Public Speaking Competition.
• Case Analysis Competition.
• Corporate sessions with leading brands from various industries.
• Job recruitment and internship opportunities.
• Discussion sessions with business leaders.
• Certificates and awards.
• Fun and Refreshments.


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